Crafting a Unique Brand from the Ground Up

Established in 2001 by two Tuscan winemaking families with an astute eye for potential, this vineyard has since undergone a transformation. In 2017, a new international consortium of passionate friends assumed control of I Greppi, inspired not only by the breathtaking locale but also by the untapped prospects for refining both the wines and the vineyard into globally revered products. Furthermore, the group put forth a substantial estate requalification effort, planting over 1,000 species of flora that gradually breathed life into a renewed and flourishing ecosystem, fostering an enriched balance of plants and wildlife.

Passion & Creativity at the Core

Our collective, comprising wine connoisseurs, scientists, geologists, economists, and horticulturalists, reimagines the art of winemaking. Our deep understanding of the rocks and soils, the very essence of terroir, illuminates the age-old mystery of why the Etruscans chose this region for their first winemaking endeavors thousands of years ago.
Our viniculture blends cutting-edge scientific techniques from California's Napa Valley with the time-honored Italian winemaking traditions of the vineyard, ensuring that our wines will continually evolve and improve. In unison with our commitment to preserving the vineyard's Italian heritage, our ultimate aim is to make exceptional taste accessible and to share our captivating journey, one bottle at a time.